InPleno Lietuviļæ½kai   InPleno Lietuviļæ½kai

If you desire to creatively design your dwelling: with beauty of the waves perpetuated in inshore sand, velvet delicacy of a rose-blossom, imposing marble pattern playing on your walls, furniture breathing the spirit of the age…

Please, make free with our wall decoration technique offered to you. Samples of decors presented make only a small part of all possible colour and texture solutions. Our masters will realize all your ideas and designers will advise you on how to impart the desired image to your interior. We are ready to realize your ideas in any town of Lithuania.

Decorative wall finish may be applied on the walls or ceiling of your dwelling or, if necessary, decorative and easily assembled panels of different forms may be installed.

In order to see the enlarged photo, please click on the desired picture.

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