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  One of the essiantial requirements held for the creation of modern interior and exterior is to avoid the overburden space. The optimum use of such a space is achievable by applying visually light materials. The Swiss made constructions of stainless steel cables Jacob make a step forward in the field of architecture and enable designers to retain human creative space. Cables are usually used to support big loads, for instance in handling lifting enginery. It took fifty years for the Swiss Company to deal with a burning problem, i.e. to ensure the safest way of coupling cables. Made-up and patented perfectly constructed coupling thimbles of steel cables remain a secret of safe, rigid and reliable Jacob metal cable constructions. On this basis, cable constructions may be used not only to their initial purpose intended. Jakob suggested employing these constructions for purely aesthetical solutions as well. Heavy and expensive metal constructions may be replaced by lightsome and subtle stainless steel constructions.

Steel cables of 1 to 26 mm thick are distinguished for their perfect and unquestionable Swiss quality. It is not necessary to be an expert so that to notice the high quality and advantages of Jacob cables processed. Their surface is exceptionally smooth as a result of careful polish and cutting. Consumers highly commend specially processed Jacob production which does not leave any spots on their hands!
Production of a cable intended to support big loads requires a great responsibility. Jakob producer is responsible for the quality of its production though. Within these cables a special identification thread is inlaid.
One of the alternative constructional solutions allows for using compact, well-thought-out and extra reliable connectors. Jakob steel thimbles tightly and almost insensibly clamp and secure the cable. The connection is invisible and an aesthetical image of the construction is not spoiled by unlaid edges of cables, curved loops or angular bends. Smooth steel thimbles and connectors of different form are also used to adjust tension of the very cable. If the exact length of the cable is not known, one may separately purchase thimbles and cables as well as carry out simple installation works oneself.

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    FAIRFIELD DISPLAYS LIGHTING cable and rod display systems made in Great Britain.
  • diameter: 1.5 to 3 mm cable, 6 mm rod and appropriate tension - fixing systems.
  • an extensive range of fixing components.
  • low voltage may be integrated into a cable of 1.5 mm diameter so that to install lightening.
  • load: a cable of 1.5 mm diameter capable to support 120 kg.
  • load: a cable of 3 mm diameter capable to support 200 kg.
  • load: a rod of 6 mm diameter capable to support 200 kg.
  • length of a cable may be adjusted according to the required cable systems.
  • surfaces of components may be finished with: polished chromium, brass or black.
  • easy mounting.

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