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As far back as the fifties, the Italian Company "Abet Laminati" commenced the production of high pressure laminates so that to protect horizontal and vertical surfaces of the interior and to ensure their aesthetics. In 1962, the first representatives of "Abet Laminati"were set up in France, whereas, today, the Company is represented by more than 89 representatives in different world countries, including Lithuania. Throughout the fifty years of existence in the field of design the Company obtained several awards for its achievements (the Italian Industrial Design Prize "Compass'o d'Oro" equal to the Oskar nomination in the cinema (series "Diafos") and the European Community Design Prize were awarded in 1987 and 1990 respectively).

HPL - High Pressure Laminate - is a Kraft paper, impregnated with synthetic resin and overlaid with decorative paper, natural timber veneer or aluminium. To ensure resistance, the surface of the laminate is covered with melamine. At the final stage of the production, the item is subjected to pressure of 9MPa and temperature of 150 C. Such a product has sound-proofing technical and aesthetical properties.

The initial production line of Abet focused on classical white and wood immitation laminate intended for kitchen has gradually been changed into production of intense colour plastic (a palette of colours and textures was supplemented with 156 new colours, 114 wood imitation decors, etc). As a result, the expanded nomenclature of laminates of 0.1 to 30 mm thick was presented to the market: standard laminates (bending angle up to 50 cm), postforming laminates (designed to obtain small radius), etc...

The extensive conception of the high pressure laminate led to broader application of this material, i.e. it has step by step been transferred from the kitchen to the living room and even to the richly furnished apartments. The high pressure laminate may be used in covering facades of the buildings, in equipment of public transport, etc...

In Lithuania, Abet laminates are successfully employed in manufacture of furniture designed for private houses. Furthermore, Lithuanian supermarkets, having evaluated excellent characteristics of the product, including its resistence to humidity, friction and mechanical effects, choose Abet laminate to produce furniture of greater exploitation and specific public intended purpose. High pressure laminates of different colours and textures are widely used in manufacture of furniture for fast-food bars, information centers, children's playgrounds and other places of public purpose.

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